Semester End

IMG_01711The older I get, the harder it is to relax after a long semester. It takes a while to feel any freedom, because my brain is still operating under stress and obsessing over assignments and deadlines that no longer exist.

At the end of this semester, I had to go through a portfolio review for my Industrial Design program. So did my fellow Sophomores, so at least we d it together and there was some sense of companionship. But man. It was exhausting. I spent the first three or four days of break wallowing in exhaustion and leftover stress. (Wallowing is honestly the best way to recover.) I’m feeling much more like myself now. Enough so that I tackled my disheveled stack of sketches from our Rapid Visualization class.

I kid you not. That stack was three inches thick. Okay, maybe two. In any case, I drew my way through an entire ream of 8 12 in × 11 in. paper . . . over four hundred sheets. I kept half of that for future portfolio needs, and invited my little brothers to help me crumple the other half. It was thoroughly satisfying, and the resulting mountain of paper (pictured above) was also quite wonderful. We later burned it. Homework trashing is therapeutic.

How do you celebrate school breaks? Any epic homework crumpling or textbook burning traditions?