Red Dress

Whenever I’m out of school, I swear to myself that I’ll do lots of projects and make lots of fabulous things. My major is Industrial Design, which is all about doing projects and making things. But it’s easy to burn out on class assignments, and I’m constantly wishing I could make something that’s not graded.

Of course, when I’m finally on break, all my resolutions fly out the window and I struggle to put my time to good use. I generally need a week to recover from finals, which I spend holed up in my room doing absolutely nothing. And during winter break there’s Christmas celebrations with family, and (sadly) I often come down with some sort of cold that I’ve been dodging all semester. It’s very depressing to lose a week of break to a runny nose!

Anyhow . . . school starts on Tuesday, and I did at least accomplish a few things. I made this red dress from some vintage knit fabric that I’ve been hoarding, and I think it’s the first piece of clothing I’ve made that I would actually wear in public.

When I sew, I don’t have much patience for following patterns, so the whole process was very experimental and I based it off of a couple dresses from my closet. (This may be why my past sewing projects have never come to full fruition.) It’s got some wonky bits, but I’m pretty satisfied. It makes me feel optimistic for my future experiments!

How about you . . . have you made anything recently? Found any good recipes or tried learning a new skill? Tell all in the comments!