Out of Sync | Summer Playlist


It’s been a strange summer, with no clean break from school life. I’m still on campus every day for my job. It’s a different place in the summer. The parking lots are gloriously empty, and the sidewalks are peaceful. But my mornings are still rushed, because I have places to be.

I took a screen printing class in July. It was a full semester’s worth of material squashed into one month, so we met for four hours each day. It felt like printmaking bootcamp. Admittedly not the worst bootcamp you could find yourself in, but still intense.

Now that class is over and the fall semester is descending, I feel more out of sync than ever. I have the next two weeks to prepare myself for “school”, so I’m buying new clothes, making supplies lists, cleaning out my closet and organizing my books.

Before I also find new music, here are the songs I listened to this summer. I didn’t pick most of them, I just kept hearing them and they sort of wormed their way into my daily soundtrack. I meant to post them a long time ago and didn’t, so this is the last hurrah for my summer playlist.

It’s been ages since we’ve talked, so be sure to tell me what you’ve been listening to this summer in the comments. (Oh, and if you only have time to listen to one song, Renegades is my favorite.)