Favorite Television Couples

It’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m posting about a few of my favorite television couples. (Warning: Mild spoilers for Leverage and Parks and Rec.)


Hardison and Parker | Leverage
He’s a computer hacking virtuoso, she’s a thief, adrenaline junkie, and a bit of a sociopath . . . harmless, but definitely not in touch with her feelings or anyone else’s. Hardison likes Parker right from the start, but it takes her quite a while to catch on. He’s patient with her whims and inability to conform to social norms. She takes him out of his comfort zone, and terrorizes him by shoving him off buildings and dragging him through air ducts. It’s adorable.


James and Helen Herriot | All Creatures Great and Small
He’s slightly awkward and clumsy, while she is charming and elegant. She loves him dearly, and he never gets over how lucky that makes him. His veterinary practice disrupts their daily life and money is often tight, but they make it work. They have a long history of bad dates (flat tires, jacket eating goats, disgruntled clients, etc.), but they always manage to find humor and romance in it.


April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer | Parks and Recreation
She’s intelligent with a dark sense of humor and a notable lack of enthusiasm or work ethic. He’s a softhearted, lovable idiot who thinks (or doesn’t) out loud. The only traits they share are their complete immaturity and disregard towards adult responsibilities, as well as a propensity for brutal honesty. It shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

PeterElizabethPeter and Elizabeth “Elle” Burke | White Collar
He’s an FBI agent in the White Collar division, and she’s a busy New York City event planner. They have a beautiful home and often meet in the park for lunch. Despite their intense jobs, they make a point of spending time together, and give each other a hard time if one of them (usually Peter) forgets. They certainly argue, but their relationship is rock solid. She talks Peter through his cases, and always encourages him to follow his gut, and he completely adores her. It’s also worth mentioning that Elizabeth is every bit as badass as her husband.


Tell me in the comments who your favorite television couple is. (No spoilers!!!)