Bugs and Bobs


I love winter break. Partly because I get to sleep in and do nothing whatsoever, but also because it gives me a chance to re-focus and make the life tweaks necessary to conquer a new semester. It’s my time to fortify myself with dark chocolate stashes, fabulous sweaters, new art supplies, and futile pledges to stop procrastinating. (I’m not joking: I literally see these things as weapons against the coming semester.)

This year I will undoubtedly kick butt, because I have a blue VW bug and a glorious bob with flippy ends on my side. I’ve been talking about buying a car and cutting my hair for quite a while, and I finally saved enough courage and paychecks for both. I wasn’t sure what car I’d end up with since I bought used, but I am SO pleased that it’s a blue bug. Eeeeee! Still flipping out. Also, it’s worth mentioning that I got fifteen inches of hair cut off. At least! I can probably do anything now.


Tell me, friends . . . what is your strategy for conquering the new year? Any big plans or changes? Or Christmas chocolate stashes? (Essential battle food, I feel.)

P.S. It’s name is Matilda. The bug, not the bob.